2017 CFMS-AFMS Gem Show & Convention
hosted by the Ventura Gem & Mineral Society

Ventura Rocks
the Nation!

Fri - Sun, June 9-11, 2017

Ventura County Fairgrounds • Ventura, CA



Learn about a variety of topics from renowned experts at hour-long programs scheduled throughout all three days. Programs and times are incorporated into the Schedule page.

  • Bob Jones, author and editor for Rock & Gem Magazine (and all the other major mineral magazines) since 1960: "Yale Peabody Mineral Museum" (Friday 10:30 am) & "Around the World in 80 years" (Saturday 10:30 am).
  • ALAA -- Mike Hunerlach, retired head geologist of the U.S. Forest Service: "BLM Info on Desert, Monuments & Rockhounding" and how we can help keep public lands open (Friday noon).
  • Ken Rogers: "Gemstones & Gem Beads - 'New Finds, Fakes, Created, Dyed & Enhanced' - and the Changing Industries" (Friday 2:15 pm). Ken will speak on changes in the gemstone and gem bead industry plus how they affect jewelry designers, lapidary enthusiasts and consumers. Ken has been recognized as one of the "go to" people for questions on gemstone beads.
  • Richard Wade: "The Last Days of the Dinosaur" (Saturday 12:15 pm). An interactive and fun presentation about how dinosaurs lived and died, even the sounds they made! How fossils are formed, beautiful original drawings of dinosaurs, real fossils and a meteorite to see, a full scale model of a Tyrannosaurus skull, a seven foot Brachiosaurus thigh bone, an enormous fossil footprint, and many other amazing objects.
  • Mike Havstad: "An Introduction to Meteorites" (Saturday 2 pm). A down-to-earth and entertaining discussion of meteorites from where they come from, to what happens on their journey, their impact on our planet and why people are intrigued by them.
  • Walt Wright: "The Beauty of Petrified Wood" (Saturday 3:30 pm). Walt is a Botanist/Ecologist/Paleontologist/Geologist and Paleobotanist and a leading expert in petrified wood. Walt has worked for the U.S. Forest Service and the University of California as well as a government agencies consultant.
  • Pat McMahan: "Agates of Arizona" (Friday 3:45 pm). Pat has more than 8,000 polished agate specimens from over 550 locations. Most of these he has found in the field himself. His long years of intensive collecting have resulted in the best and most comprehensive collection of sagenite and plume agate in the world. Recently he completed the book “Agates, The Pat McMahan Collection”, with 1,250 beautiful color photos of agates from 300 deposits worldwide.
  • Melissa Baffa: "The Adventure of a Lifetime: Exploring the Ocean Aboard the E/V Nautilus" (Sunday 10:30 am). Melissa served as a Science Communication Fellow with the Ocean Exploration Trust while aboard E/V Nautilus during expeditions to the Galapagos Islands in 2015 and Southern California Borderlands in 2016. Melissa is a Development Officer at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.
  • Alan Rubin: UCLA: "Meteorites & Asteroids" (Sunday noon). UCLA Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences and Meteorite identification expert.
  • Dick & Mary Pat Weber, retired exploration geologists: "The Rainforest Jasper and Thundereggs of Mt Hay, Queensland, Australia" (Sunday 1:30pm ). A firsthand look at this famous deposit of world class thundereggs and the agatized rhyolite known as "Rainforest Jasper". The Webers were given unprecedented access to the mine as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the mine owner's private collection. Join them for a personal tour of the 120 million year old volcano and mine site where these beautiful specimens have been produced for more than 50 years.
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